Let our engravers add that personal touch. We can engrave on glass, acrylic, silver, leather, gold, and even wood. Expand your engraving choice with over 50 fonts to choose from, including Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and Braille. Engrave your monogram, family crest, personal signature or customized logo. With our Signature Engraving System the possibilities are endless.   

Laser Welding

Laser welding is the ability to weld metals, using amplified light as the source, to produce the weld. Laser welding uses a specific wave length of light to accomplish the welding process. This light is concentrated, adjusted, and controlled by the jeweler, much in the same way as he would control and adjust the flame of a soldering torch. However, unlike soldering, laser welding is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective for many manufacturing and repair problems. All of the traditional jewelry metals can be laser-welded! All base metals, Karat gold, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Palladium, and Platinum! Interestingly enough, Platinum that has historically been one of the most difficult metals to work with and repair, is one of the easiest metals to affect laser-writing repairs too! Welding different metals groups is also possible,.i.e., gold to platinum, sterling to gold, etc.


Did you know pearls should be restrung every few years? We can make your necklace or bracelet look like new - graduated or multi strands are no problem for our experts. Don't neglect a pearl heirloom when it is so easy to get it restrung.

Pearl/Bead Stringing

Our repair staff is able to repair anything! We work in any metal; platinum, gold, silver, or a combination. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, we do it best.

  • Complimentary cleaning
  • Ring sizing
  • Full spectrum metal working
  • Expert evaluation and repair
  • Polishing of worn and damaged valuable gems
  • Expert diamond setting
  • Antique refurbishing
  • Eyeglass frame repair, including titanium frames
Watch Repair

We are able to fix most brand, regardless of age, and can fix most pocket watches too. If you need a new battery, band, or band adjustment, we can perform most of those duties while you wait.

  • Competitive pricing for preferred selections of all major brands
  • Watch repairs, battery and band replacements (leather, metal, and rubber)
  • Mechanical watch repair and servicing
  • Sizing Watch Bracelets
  • Full Service for Mechanical and Quartz Watches (see details below):

  • Mechanical Watch Full Service - Our full service for mechanical watches consists of the disassembly and overhaul of the movement with an examination of all parts. We replace damaged or worn parts and re-seal water-resistant cases. Each of its parts are placed in special chemical solutions that dissolve dirt, dust, and emulsify any dried out oils. When the watch is reassembled, special oils are applied to lubricate all essential parts. We recommend that a general overhaul be performed every three years. In addition, bracelet watch bands are polished and thoroughly cleaned.

    Quartz Watch Full Service - Our quartz watch full service consists of the watch disassembly, the case and bracelet being polished and thoroughly cleaned in the ultrasonic and the battery being replaced. If needed, the gaskets will be replaced then the watch is resealed.

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