It all started as a customer-business relationship and grew into a personal friendship. They always make me feel special when I come in the shop. I can count on them for just the right gift.

- Sandy Bloom


- Holly McNeese

Love how they remember what I come in and look at that way when Butch goes by there they can help him but gently leading him to what I want . Thank you Samantha for helping him pick out my beautiful Ronaldo soulmate bracelet

- Julie Kirsch Beets

My girls. They always take care of me for Christmas and Valentines Day.

- Johnny Miles

Absolutely wonderful people and an amazing experience every time I go!!

- Tara Bigelow

Love this store and these ladies!

I have been shopping here since I was old enough to want to buy jewelry. Mr. Andy was great and his family has carried on his tradition of excellent service and selection. Thanks Gayle's!

- Kyle Knight


- Jason Kennedy


- Tony Seal


- Tina Slaughter


- Delee L Samford