I have known this family my entire life. They are all
"top drawer" in my book !

- Kathy Smith Grosche

Best jewelry store I've ever been in. Everyone in there is so friendly and helpful. They are always smiling and happy. They have a great selection to choose from....if you can't find it there then you don't need it!

- Judy Breland McDaniel


- Cynthia Abrams Hubert

Grew up with these ladies and they are the best!!! A great family business!!!

- Tara Sumrall Woodford


- Angela Hunter

Gayle's 8s the best place to find all your jewelry needs. They're just the greatest.

- Jimmy Bates


- Emily Stewart Adams

Love these beautiful ladies! Lifelong friends.

- Kandi Crain Holliday

I love this place. Any time I go in everyone is very friendly and are always eager to help.

- Jennifer Corkern


- Callie Adcox Moore