- Paulette Kiger Rowell

Thanks for your help Bridgette
Love the sparkle bangles
Yes I'd like one of each

- Willie Mae Sumrall


- Bridget Martin Knight


- Christin Mizell

My all time favorite place to be, I have grown up in this store and I have never felt anything other than love from the wonderful owners the jewelry rocks too

- Cassidy Stewart

I bought my jewelry from Gayles Jewelers for many, many years. I have always loved the Overtons. Always treated fairly & some of the friendliest people I know!

- Billie Johnson

I love doing business with them!! I live out of town and all I have to do I message and these ladies take care of it. Makes my life easy! Thank you Gayles!

- Kristi Crawford Stewart

Wonderful store where they treat you like Family! They repaired my grandmother's wrist watch and I am now able to wear it. This is my go to store for that special something.

- Tammy Champagne Wascom

My Father was dying, we were all extremely sadden knowing we was losing our dad. My dad's road was covered with water because he lived on the river. It did not stop Bridget at all, she knew what it meant to us 7 kids to have our dad's fingerprint so she came through the water and made it to our dad's house to get the job done. Hour later my dad was gone to heaven and yes we were all devastated. Gayles got our necklaces in with dad's fingerprint, I hated to go up there because I looked like a hot mess but I knew that's the only thing left I had of my dad and I knew it was going to make me ball. These ladies ignored me being hot mess and when I began to cry they began to give me there condolences and stood with me and giving me kind words and stated they would be praying for our family. They were so understanding and helpful and I will never ever forget what they done for my family that day. Bridget could of easily turned around when she seen my dad's road, but she didn't. Everytime I been to Gayle's these ladies has always been great, every single one of them. Thanks so much for what you beautiful ladies did for us on February 28th, 2016. It meant more then you all will ever know.

- Pam Miller Westmoreland

The Girls have done a wonderful job taking over and running a long time family business! Service is great and they bend over backwards to make special moments even more special!

- Melissa Sheridan Crain